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Fragrance Concentration Guide

Fragrance Strength

Perfumes are usually made from oils, dissolved in a solvent (usually alcohol). Higher oil concentration means lower alcohol presence and therefore stronger scent. Scent concentrations are usually marked by special abbreviations (in French). Let's look at the visual concentration comparison:


EDP (Eau de Parfum or perfumed water) - longer adheres to your skin and since the fragrance is containing less alcohol - less irritating/drying for your skin. Perfumed water is more suitable for special occasions, dates and when it is important to keep the scent for a longer time.

 EDT (Eau de Toilette or toilette water) - usually the cheaper and more popular perfume version. It has lower fragrance concentration and therefore the scent lasts for less longer than the perfumed water. Toilet water is the most suitable for an everyday use.


Perfume Bottle

With spray: a good choice as the perfume is nicely applied on your skin or clothing. EDT and EDP bottle is usually with spray.

Without spray: perfume is applied by hand or by touching your skin with the bottle itself. These are usually aftershaves, cologne or perfume (EDT or EDP) testers.

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